Apply for a Home Equity Loan


Essentially, a home equity loan is akin to a mortgage, hence the name second mortgage. The equity in the home serves as collateral for the lender. The amount a homeowner is allowed to borrow will be based on the combined Loan to Value of the home’s appraised value. Of course, the amount of the loan and the rate of interest charged also depend on the borrower’s credit score and payment history.

Why Use iMortgage canada When I Can Just Go To The Bank?

We specialize in finding you the best rates available provided your distinct needs. We do this because many homeowners aren’t aware that banks only offer a limited variety of rates — and provided everyone’s unique financial situations, we work to connect you with your specific home equity loan needs.


Whatever your situation, we’re here to provide a custom solution for you!

  • Declined by your bank
  • Bad credit
  • Self Employed
  • No provable income

With one click, we will let you know if we can help. It’s that fast and easy.

When you own your home, you are on your way to building equity and increase your net-worth – but without having a way to access that equity all you have is net-worth on paper with no real way to take advantage of it. This is where the friendly brokers at iMortgage Canada can help you get your money out of your property and put it to better use.

Use your home equity loan for any purpose:

  • Renovation of your home
  • Purchase a new car without expensive car loans
  • Take that long deserved dream vacation
  • Paying off high interest credit cards
  • Send your kids to College and University
  • Start your own business
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities
  • Use it as down-payment on the next property
  • Pay outstanding taxes to CRA
  • And more…

When the banks decline your mortgage application due to low income, bad credit, or too much debt – we can help you with Home Equity Loans and Private Mortgage Solutions. Unlike the big banks and financial institutions that use your credit history and income to qualify and approve you for a mortgage, our approvals are based on your existing equity in your home not your credit score or income. The best part is we can usually have your home equity loan approved the same day!