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Rental House - South Surrey BC

Soft 3rd behind HSBC mortgage and HELOC

2nd mortgage $350k, renovate property and prepare for Spring sale. Broker commission +$13k

55% LTV rate 7.25%

Legal Grow Op - Coombs BC

1st mortgage $900k, funds to expand already successful business

Low LTV rate 9%

House - Westside Vancouver BC

3rd mortgage (Soft 4th) $175k behind 2 Coast Capital mortgages and a TD mortgage, payout existing private, pre-paid plus additional funds. 

76% LTV rate 11%

House - Chilliwack BC

Purchase rental property Quick close $230k

50% LTV rate 8%

Vacation House - Gambier Island BC (water access)

2nd mortgage $575k, payout existing private and debts. Broker commission +$18k

60% LTV rate 9.45%

House - East Vancouver BC

2nd mortgage behind Scotia STEP $200k

78% LTV rate 9%

House - South Surrey BC

2nd mortgage behind Scotia STEP $450k

70% LTV rate 7.95%

Townhouse - Maple Ridge BC

2nd Mortgage behind another Private $80k
70% LTV rate 10% no appraisal required

House - Quadra Island BC

1st/2nd 2 property Interalia $571k

Combined LTV 65% rate 9.75%

whether you are an investor, broker or client we are your private lending specialists

What iMortgage Canada can offer:

  • Quick response & turnaround
  • Multiple private lenders to get your deals done
  • Flexible fee structures
  • Flexible rate and terms, tell us what you can sell
  • Creative solutions – Inter Alia, 1st, 2nd, 3rd mortgages
  • EQUITY DEALS!   Self-employed/stated income; low beacon score; Ex-Bankrupts
  • Pay out, go behind existing Privates or CHIP
  • Pre-paid terms
  • 12 or 24 month terms OPEN after 6 months, low renewal Fee at term

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